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Personalised sessions to meet you wherever you are at along your yoga journey




These individualised sessions take a therapeutic approach towards creating a life of health and wellbeing

Dependant of your needs, we will use a combination of yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques, as well as lifestyle and home practice advice, specific to your body and what you are needing from the practice. 


These sessions are perfect if you are recovering from an injury, working through any health concerns or need a modified practice, tailored to you



These personalised sessions use the 8-limbed framework of yoga as a system for wellbeing and helping you embody your  highest self


Release physical and mental tension, as you ground your mind and find a sense of balance. Create a habit of being present and at home within the body.


Build vitality and awareness, as you learn how to direct your energy and thoughts mindfully and consciously, both within your practice and your life.

Yoga Coaching
Teacher Mentoring



Are you a yoga teacher wanting to explore how to embody yoga, teach with passion and purpose, find your niche in the market and  live your light?

Our mentoring sessions will help you to grow your skills both as a teacher and in creating your yoga business.


Choose your own path, practise and be coached in whatever area you would like to develop; whether you need some help with your assisting and adjusting, would like some feedback on your classes and how you can better serve your students' needs, or want to draw on my years of experience both as a teacher and studio owner in how to market yourself and build your career as a yoga teacher... then I'm here to hook you up!

You can also join our monthly Yoga Teacher's Circle at Ettalong Yoga and online Facebook community.

Sessions Available in Ettalong, Umina Beach & Peninsula

60 mins Private Session  ~ $110

90 mins Private Session ~ $135

Pre-paid Packages

5 x 60 mins Sessions ~ $475  ($95/session)

5 x 90 mins Sessions ~ $625  ($125/session)

*Members 10% off. Additional pricing for travel or extra students may be advised.


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I'd love to begin classes with you!

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