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Connect. Learn. Share. Evolve.

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Join The Yoga Teachers Circle at Ettalong Yoga—an empowering monthly gathering for teachers!

What is The Yoga Teachers Circle?

The Yoga Teachers Circle is a monthly opportunity to connect, learn, share, and evolve collectively as yoga teachers.

Think of it as a yoga class meets chilled-out mentoring session, where we come together as equals to share and get feedback on how to grow and become better yoga teachers.


Why join us?

It can be hard navigating being a teacher on your own after you have left the cosy support-network within a group teacher training. Often it can feel quite isolating not having colleagues or peers to work alongside, and aside from a few comments at the end of class from students who might say they "really enjoyed the class", we tend not to get much real, authentic feedback on what we can do better and how we can continue to improve how we teach our classes and show up for our students. Our Teacher’s Circle aims to fill this gap.


Let’s face it, we get into teaching yoga because we are all about personal growth, self-evolution and being part of a community, but often after teaching for a long time, our classes can feel a little stale and learning becomes a bit stagnant, and we feel like we are floating out there on our own in the industry. It also seems like the longer we teach, the less likely we get feedback on how to keep learning and growing as a teacher; so this is our re-commitment to the path of self-evolution and growth within a supportive community of fellow teachers, dedicated to the goal of elevating the way we teach, embody yoga and serve our community.


How is it structured?

Join us for 90 mins - 2 hours of juicy, heart-centred connection, with all the loved up-vibes that you felt when you were in your first teacher training. After getting to know each other, you will get to 'fill up your cup' as we begin with a 45-60min session led by our monthly guest teacher. This is your chance to be the student and remember why you fell in love with the practice in the first place, whilst learning from another amazing teacher in our community before we chat and share ideas on teaching methodology and how to embody the practice in your teaching and life.


You also have the opportunity to be courageous, ‘dare greatly’ and nominate yourself in advance to be our monthly guest teacher! You will help spark ideas for us to talk about in our mentoring circle, gain invaluable feedback on what you are doing well and have opportunities to play around with different suggestions from other experienced teachers who are also there to learn and grow alongside of you. 

What's the Cost?

You choose! This is a 'by donation', not-for-profit event to support the furthering of education and collective growth within our teaching and yoga community.  (Suggested donation is $20-$35 depending on your financial situation, to help us continue to put the time and energy into hosting these events.)


Alongside the monthly guest teacher, the circle will be facilitated by Senior Yoga Teacher, Kelly Sunartha.


Kelly has trained in multiple styles of yoga and studied with many well-recognised teachers, both nationally and internationally over the last 20 years.

She is an alumni ambassador for Lululemon and has taught and mentored numerous students and teachers across the multiple studios that she has operated over the last 15 years.

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Mind-Body Philosophy and is a qualified ‘Dharma’ Coach, where she guides people to live in alignment with their Highest Self.

In addition to her years of business experience, she has worked as a marketing consultant and business coach, assisting many yoga teachers and soulful entrepreneurs to embody yoga in their life and business and live their light in the world.



Can I count these hours towards my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours as a yoga teacher?

Yes, we are happy to provide evidence of your attendance and help you log these hours towards your CDP points.


Can I come if I am not a yoga teacher?

Sure. If you have an interest and are happy to come and participate, then you are welcome to join.


Can I be the Guest Teacher even if I am still finishing my Yoga Training?

Yes, this will help you to learn and grow as a teacher. We are happy to sign off this as teaching hours counted towards your teaching training certificate.



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