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5 week online program

8 Limbs of Yoga Challenge

are you ready to live yoga?

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5 week online program to journey through

The 8 limbs of Yoga

and discover how to live your yoga beyond the mat!


Learn How To Transform your Practice + Embody Yoga

are you ready?


Do you sense there is something deeper to the practice of Yoga, beyond

it being taught as a form of exercise, but not really sure how to dive deeper or integrate it into your practice, your classes or your life?

 Want to learn the parts of yoga you typically only get taught if you enrol in a Yoga Teacher Training?









you will 

  • Redefine your understanding of WHAT yoga really is.

  • Learn HOW to implement the whole 8-limbed system of Yoga, and make relevant and applicable in our modern lives.

  • Practise, DO and BE Yoga! Test it out for yourself, BE YOUR OWN GURU and become a self-led practitioner as your life becomes the result of your practice in action!

 A yoga student, ready to deepen your practice?
 A yoga teacher wanting to learn to embody yoga and teach beyond asana?
Are you simply ready to take a journey of self-transformation, break outside the "yoga as exercise" box and make an inner commitment to embody yoga and live your light?
Get ready to grow your yogic roots as we explore and piece back the 
8-Limbs of Yoga!

Now more than ever we need more people embodying the qualities of yoga, making a conscious choice to wake up, evolve and live from a place of greater connectedness, union and alignment with their highest self.

It's time to vibrate higher and live our yoga off the mat!

The 8 Limbs of Yoga


Normally $129
to allow you to continue your yoga practice during the current Coronavirus pandemic. 
(Or make a donation of your choice if you want to support this offering. Like many yoga teachers and contractors, many of my regular classes have been cancelled during this time, so if you feel you can afford to pay, your support would be welcome and greatly appreciated.)
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