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Kelly Sunartha is a Senior Yoga Teacher who has trained in multiple styles of yoga and studied with many well-recognised teachers, both nationally and internationally over the last 20 years.

Drawing on both Eastern and Western traditions of yoga, her own practice tends towards the slower and more mindful styles of Yin/Restorative and Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, with her teaching embodying yoga as a holistic system for wellbeing and self-transformation.

Kelly Sunartha


Before moving to the Central Coast, where she now with her husband and three children, Kelly was Founder and Director of Sydney's Yoga Sivana Studio (now Woke Yoga). She is an alumni ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and also volunteered with The Wake Up Project at many of their kindness-inspiring events over the years.


Along with her yoga qualifications, Kelly holds a Bachelor Degree, with a double major in Philosophy (Metaphysics and The Mind-Body Connection) and English (Writing). She has also trained as a Dharma Coach, where she helps people to discover and live out their purpose (dharma) and embody their highest self and wellbeing in the process.  


Drawing on her yoga coaching, marketing and business background, she has assisted many burnt-out mamas, yogi's and soulful entrepreneurs to live their light and thrive personally and professionally through her coaching programs.


Kelly is passionate about helping others connect with their own wisdom and inner light, and possesses a natural talent for assisting people to move beyond their barriers and consciously evolve towards their highest potential.



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Louisa is a qualified international Yoga practitioner, Ceremonialist, Reiki healer, and nature lover.


Mixing her Yoga qualifications and degree in performance art, she carefully laces her yoga classes and workshops with a taste of India and deep self-awareness connecting the breath, mind, and body.


Her mission is to inspire all bodies, all abilities, and all humans to peel back the layers to their true selves through ancient yogic techniques and embodiment practices, sustainably and authentically. Combining fitness, free movement, Ayurveda, Tantric intimacy and meditation - Louisa uses these tools in her classes, and lifestyle to cultivate compassionate self-investigation and art.


Louisa believes walking a spiritual path does not have to be a serious journey, but instead, her sessions invite play, intuition, respect for yogic lineage, and accessibility to be free and love exactly where you are right NOW... as it's all valid, juicy, and sacred.




"I first discovered yoga 15 years ago as a teenager in High school. Suffering from years of negative body image and lack of self-acceptance, it was in those early years of practising I came to realise that the practice of yoga is so much more than striving to change the physical body but instead a chance to be curious about who you are. A practice of self-compassion and kindness a space I longed for in my teenage years that over time allowed me to develop greater self-discovery and acceptance in its purest & rawest form.

In 2016 I decided it was time to explore the world of yoga a little deeper so I began studying with Mark O'Brien and his amazing team at Qi Health & Yoga Sydney and obtained my Yoga Teacher Training and Philosophy Diploma. Over the past five years of teaching throughout various locations on the Central Coast, I have been honoured to continue studying and teaching many styles of yoga and meditation alongside some of the most inspiring teachers who have shared with me their wisdom, knowledge and personal journeys.


As a Yoga teacher, it is my mission to empower others by continuing to study and share the tools I have gathered along the way that allow space for conscious healing whilst gaining a deeper understanding of both our individual personal practice and ability.

Yoga philosophy has provided me with an everyday devotional and grounding path of self-care and healing and is again now through my journey into motherhood. When I am not on the mat you will find me exploring nature and adventuring with my family.




Originally from Sydney, Melanie first discovered the healing powers of yoga in 2012 while living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Trying to find an escape from the chaos of a big city, she stumbled across her first yoga class in the tranquil home of her first yoga teacher, Dini Maharani. Melanie discovered a positive way to move her body and calm her mind. From then on she was hooked, and she brought her yoga practice back home.

In 2018 Melanie completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith, learning primarily the Vinyasa/Hatha styles. She then continued her studies and went on to complete her yin and restorative yoga training.

Melanie loves the multi-dimensional aspects of yoga and the way it can heal, restore and re-energise - both mentally and physically. Her classes focus on alignment and the deep
connection to breath
, and she loves sharing the healing power of yoga with others.




Paige has a diverse background as a certified yoga teacher, pilates instructor, Registered Nurse, meditation teacher, and birth &
postpartum doula.


She offers a truly unique and enriching experience that transcends the mat. Her classes seamlessly fuse the worlds of yoga and pilates, creating a dynamic harmony of strength and flexibility. This captivating blend, enriched by insights from doula work and nursing,
envelops you in an immersive experience that embraces invigorating power, mindful breath, and profound relaxation.

Paige's distinctiveness shines through her deep exploration of embodied anatomy, where each movement becomes a journey to understand and appreciate the intricate workings of your body.


Through the art of moving meditation, you'll delve into a realm of mindfulness that transcends the physical, inviting you to explore the subtle nuances of the present moment.

What truly distinguishes Paige is her unwavering dedication to women's health, especially in the realm of pre/postnatal care. Guided by a holistic approach that harmoniously blends movement and in-depth education, she empowers women to embark on their individual journeys with a profound sense of wisdom and unwavering confidence.

Paige's passion lies in guiding individuals toward self-discovery, empowerment, and inner strength. With the synergy of yoga, pilates, meditation, and clinical insight, she creates an environment where wellness becomes a way of life.

Embark on a holistic journey with Paige on the mat, and uncover the transformative potential of embodied anatomy, moving meditation, and the exploration of the subtle body. Experience a vibrant, balanced, empowered self that transcends the physical, aligning mind, body, and spirit.




Adelaide is a master yoga teacher, certified life coach, breathwork practitioner and adventure seeker.  


Adelaide is a playful, humble and courageous woman devoted to living a life true to herself. She is most at home when hiking in nature, going deep into her practice, or spending time with likeminded people.


She brings a lightness of being to her offerings that will encourage you to show up with complete sincerity; challenging you to expand and grow. She is a supportive big sister who sees your potential and is there with you every step of the way. She will help you rediscover what truly matters, reignite your passion for life and support you on a journey to living authentically and experiencing the fulfillment you deserve.​


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Maya started her Yoga journey in 2014 and since then Yoga has become part of her life. She works with Human Development, is a Reiki Master and loves to travel, to learn and improve her own personal practice. Maya is passionate about helping people find their true purpose and connection with mind, body and soul. She has a gentle, spiritual approach to teaching, encouraging you to look inward and connect deeply with your soul or true self


Maya teaches a variety of practices based on Hatha Yoga principles. She finds this practice the perfect balance of stretch, flow, relaxation and meditation. In her classes, you’ll experience not only the asanas (postures) but also elements of yoga philosophy and meditation. You will leave her classes feeling energised, calm and centered.

“I believe through Yoga you can reconnect with your true self, is a gentle way to calm our mind and come back to our heart.”




Astrid is a qualified Ki Yoga instructor & has been teaching for 15 years. She has 20+ years of experience as a Reiki and massage practitioner and Holistic Beauty therapist, where she incorporates the principles of Ayurveda to flavour her treatments.  


She enjoys the art of facilitating deep relaxation and healing resulting in transformation, in a safe and nurturing way. Her classes often focus on building up strength and stability in the core for good foundations and openness and flexibility through the upper body.


"I love the fusion of Hatha and the Japanese meridian system, the seasonal cyclic way  Ki Yoga travels through all the elements designed to reflect what organs need support at different times of the year. For optimal growth and harmonic living with nature and your environment."

Her mission is to make a difference in people’s lives, and assist in healing and personal growth. 


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