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ALIGN/HATHA - Realign and grow your practise. These uplifting, general-level classes build vitality and self-awareness. Postures focus on technique, individuality & therapeutic exploration as we explore the subtle body anatomy and teach yoga as a framework for living your highest well-being.


SLOW FLOW - Release the blockages and tensions in body and mind as you are guided through a nourishing, flowing sequence. Our Slow Flow classes invite you to move mindfully with the rhythm of your breath, cultivating inner awareness and a sense of freedom through meditation in motion. You will be encouraged to listen to your body’s wisdom, with variations offered to honour where you are at on any given day, and leave with a renewed sense of connection within.


YANG-YIN - Discover the perfect equilibrium between movement and stillness in our Yang-Yin classes. These sessions seamlessly weave dynamic movement and strengthening poses, with moments of rest and extended holds to rebalance the body’s energy and provide space for somatic inquiry (body-based awareness). Fusing yoga and meridian theory, you'll be guided to deepen your awareness of the subtle body anatomy, and come away feeling a sense of balance and integration of your whole self.

YIN/RESTORE - Recharge your batteries and deeply rest into a blend of yin and restorative postures, supported by bolsters and other props. Classes may incorporate gentle movement, breathing, meditation and guided relaxation practises to assist you in letting go of physical and mental tension and rebalance the nervous system. Longer holds give you a chance to slow down, feel into the subtle body and practise mindfulness as you find your centre and inner calm.

PRENATAL - Embark on a nurturing journey with our 6-week prenatal yoga courses, thoughtfully created for expectant mothers. Immerse yourself in tailored exercises, mindfulness practices, and expert guidance on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. Cultivate a sense of connection within a supportive community as you prepare for a positive birth experience. Let these prenatal classes be your guide, leading you through a transformative path of strength, wisdom, and connection during this special time.

MONTHLY MELLOW* - On the second Friday of each month, we host our 'Monthly Mellow' evenings: An eclectic mix of chilled yoga, calming breathing, meditation, and sound journeys. These events will feature different teachers and offer a chance to connect as a community. (*90mins. $35 per session/Members $30)

Want some private yoga coaching or mentoring?

For me,

the best type of yoga practice is one that reveals us to our self, making us conscious of our habits and patterns of clamping down or scattering our energy, and rebuilding that home back within our  self.

Kelly x 

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