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Websites: Choosing a Website Platform for Your Soulful Business

Wordpress vs Wix or Squarespace? How to choose the right website option for your business before you get lost down the rabbit hole...

It's the question I get asked all the time- what's the best way to create a website for my business? And what web platform should I use?

Well that depends... personally I love Wix websites and tend to recommend them to most entrepreneurs starting out because for the average small business owner they can do everything you need, don't cost much (or anything initially) and are super easy to use!

My website is a Wix website that I created myself using a template as a starting point, which was easy to customise, quickly make it look professional and uniquely my own.

I was able to design the whole site first on their free website builder then only start paying for their premium service (about USD $17/mth- includes web hosting) once I was ready to connect my own domain and remove their ads.

Of course, most web developers are going to say otherwise and generally this is because they want your business!

The marketing and web development agency I used to work with were all about Wordpress and while it's true that Wordpress can be coded to be more specific to the desired functionality that you need, plus has the added advantage of being mobile responsive (meaning that you don't have to reformat your site for mobile devices), Wordpress can be hard to work out unless you are a web developer yourself. Because of this, you often end up paying a professional for the initial build, plus paying for updates every time you want to change something or add something new to your site.

This for me was the biggest reason not to use Wordpress! As a creative* (*and often indecisive) entrepreneur, I find that I am constantly needing to update my website with new events, courses and offerings, and have it grow and evolve as I refine my services and my brand. With platforms like Wix and Squarespace (which I have also found works well for many of my clients) you can easily add or change any of your pages and menus and make updates yourself in minutes so that your website always stays current and evolves as you do.

Aside from being super user-friendly and having lots of beautiful, on-trend templates to choose from, Wix and Squarespace have also invested lots of time into offering HEAPS of plug-ins so that you can have the functionality that you need for things like online bookings, payments etc. They also allow integrations with other many other apps. So there's really not much they can't do.

Yes, the mobile version of your site may need a little tweaking from the version that gets created based on your desktop site, but this is easy enough to monitor as you design your pages.

And for the average small business owner, their automatic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) capabilities are more than enough. You can go in and customise your tags, your URLs and how your site previews on Google without really needing to know too much about SEO yourself.

I recommend checking out Wix to get your own website started with their free template builder.

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