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Tips for Releasing Samskaras & Negative Conditioning

The practice of yoga is a journey of self-awareness. As you peel back the layers of yourself to reveal your divine true nature, you are often confronted with various "samsakaras" (these are impressions or imprints derived from past experiences that create habits & desires which influence our present responses and behaviour). As our samakaras rise to the surface & reveal themselves through our yoga practice or through meditation, journaling and conscious awareness, we have the opportunity to release them and choose a new or higher path for our self. Tip for releasing your samskaras: Ask yourself the following question... "How much longer am I going to let the past define who I choose to be in this moment?" Sometimes by simply asking yourself this question and bringing awareness to your typical pattern of thinking, you can choose to actively release it's power over you. This may be experienced as an immediate shift or it can take a while, particularly if it a deeply ingrained habit, but by repeating this process again and again you can eventually carve out a new habit for yourself- if and when you are ready to do so!

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