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Enlightenment in a New Light

For most of us the idea of attaining enlightenment is a rather mystical concept, not really within the scope of our day-to-day lives. It may conjure up images of Buddhist monks or spiritual masters meditating in caves, and for many of us all this just seems a little too far removed from our everyday reality. We might think to ourselves “in another lifetime perhaps”. So, whilst the notion of enlightenment is an intriguing one, for most of us we’ve kind of just given up, or perhaps not even dared to begin! But, need the concept of enlightenment be reserved only for the masters of some high and lofty, almost unattainable state, or can we re-think what this word actually means and how it applies to our modern-day lives?

Firstly, examining its definition, the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes enlightenment as “the act or means of enlightening: the state of being enlightened.” The word ‘enlighten’ itself, essentially means “to bring light to” or “to illuminate”. So enlightenment is therefore the act, or process of bringing ‘more light’ into our state of being or our consciousness. This definition is a little more accessible to us as it removes the implication that enlightenment is an absolute end point or final destination. It signals, instead, that it is actually an ongoing process in which we continually grow or evolve to live with more light.

Of course, many religions and spiritual practices have varying descriptions of what this ‘light’ is. Some will call it prana, chi or energy- the essential life-force or substratum of life. Others will call it God, Consciousness, or the Universal Source. We could even call it “love”. Whatever label we give to it, the essential meaning is the same. It is a process or practice of transforming ourselves towards our higher potential, living consciously with awareness as we seek to let go of heaviness, darkness, fear or ignorance and become more of what we essentially are, which is pure love and light.

The practice of yoga concerns itself with this process. It asks us not to expect perfection from ourselves, but rather to accept where we are now and have a willingness to grow and evolve along this path of enlightenment. Through its many practices, Yoga systematically teaches us to let go of our physical and mental limitations and opens us up to living at a higher vibration of energy, as we discover how to build and embody more of this light within our being.

This is my passion - to teach yoga as a transformative life practice. The aim is always to create a space for you to grow and evolve along your own path of self discovery and enlightenment. All sessions, classes and workshops are designed to bring you into alignment with yourself, your truth and allow your own inner light to shine.

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