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Fill Your Cup

[ 3-week online program ]

Move from feeling burnt out and depleted to a master of your energy as we shift the lifestyle habits and mindsets that are creating 'energy leaks' and apply some reeeeally simple action steps to Fill Your Cup once more and keep you shining bright!

Fill Your Cup (Self-Paced)

3 Week Online Program

'Fill Your Cup' is a 3-week, self-paced online program, designed to help you build your energy and create well-being in all aspects of your life... Over 3 weeks, we focus on balancing your foundational 3 chakras and build your energetic base, so that you can move into the world feeling both grounded and energised to fuel the life you want. ENROL TO FILL YOUR CUP TODAY AND GET: • 3 x PROGRAM MODULES, easily accessed online through our learning portal. • 3 x AUDIO LESSONS - to listen on the go! (We keep these short and sweet, but potent) • WEEKLY PRACTICE SUGGESTIONS to put what you are learning into practice in reaaally simple, easy ways that build your energy, rather than deplete you! • An opportunity to join ONLINE COMMUNITY to support each other and help keep you accountable. • BONUS DAILY PLANNER/CHECKLIST: ‘Align Your Doing with Your Being’ (An editable pdf to consciously create your day) • BONUS MEDITATION: Breathe your way to relaxation, balance your subtle body energy, and cultivate gratitude. • PLUS A 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE AT Teaspoon & Co.: So that you can literally fill your cup with some of the most beautiful blends of organic, handcrafted teas made locally on the Central Coast.

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Fill Your Cup

Fill Your Cup

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Who's this for?

Hands up all of you beautiful, giving souls, doing it all, keeping your life busy with all the things, doing everything for everybody else, until you realise that there’s nothing left in the tank to give!

I see you! (I am you!)

I’ve been coaching people for many years around how to live a life that is aligned with their ‘dharma’ or highest purpose. The problem is that many of us can’t even get the foundations right!

It’s a beautiful, noble thing to have these big, lofty dreams about making the world a better place, helping and always giving to others, as many of us yogis, parents and big-hearted carers of the world do, but when we are so burnt out, depleted and tired all the time, it’s hard enough sustaining the energy for our own wellbeing, let alone having any left over to send out into the world!


This 3-week online program is here to teach you those foundations of how to better manage your energy and empower you with really simple, practical things you can do to fill your own cup once more and remove the energy leaks in your life so that we can not only fill our cup but stop it from getting so drained in the first place.


This program has been developed and inspired by both my Dharma Coaching training and teachings around balancing the first three yoga chakras/energy centres of the body, which form our energetic foundation within the subtle body. Although rooted in some of the yogic subtle body philosophy, my intention is to keep this as simple and practical as possible, addressing more the lifestyle habits and mindset shifts we can implement, as opposed to theoretical, philosophical awareness.


In short, this program is for those of you willing to put this stuff into practice, rather than just learn some cool concepts!





Build your energetic base, as we work with the principles of the

First 3 'Foundational' Chakras...

Module 1: ‘Foundation of Support’

Based loosely on the First Chakra, this week is all about feeling safe and supported.

  • We focus on ways we can feel more grounded, connected and stable within our life.

  • We look at making improvements to our home and our environment.

  • We discuss the importance of tribe/community and having a solid support network… and the importance of learning to ask for/receive help.

  • We discuss money as a form of energy and examine some of our energy leaks… and more!


Module 2: ‘Enjoyment, Pleasure + Personal Boundaries’

Based loosely on the Second Chakra, this week is all about allowing ourselves to enjoy life and put our Self first.

  • We focus on allowing time for fun, creativity, enjoyment and pleasure.

  • We look at the importance of rest within a society that prizes constant doing/productivity.

  • We discuss the art of receiving, as well as saying ‘no’ and having good personal boundaries.

  • We learn to listen to the language of our emotions, the lessons they have for us, as well as making some of our unconscious habits/programming conscious.


Module 3: ‘Personal Power, Personal Responsibility + Self-Direction’

Based loosely on the Third Chakra, this week is all about understanding that you are the creator of your life.

  • We look at our mindset shifts which move us away from blame and victimhood and back into our power.

  • We examine where we currently funnel most of our energy out into the world.

  • We discuss why motivation and discipline don’t exist when we are depleted.

  • We learn to align our ‘Doing’ with our ‘Being’ as we practice intentional living and goal setting.



Are you ready for an energetic upgrade?


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