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ALIGN/HATHA - Realign and grow your practice. These uplifting, general-level Hatha classes build vitality and self-awareness. Postures are slowed down, with a focus on technique, individuality & therapeutic exploration, whilst teaching yoga as a framework for living your highest wellbeing.


YOGA FLOW A refreshing, fluid class, combining movement & breath in a dynamic, free-flowing style of practice. ​By creating rhythm and flow, we release the blockages and tensions in body & mind, being guided to move in our own pace & flow with the current of life.

SLOW FLOW - Ease into a slow, gentle flowing sequence that cultivates mindful awareness, and wind down with restorative postures to leave you feeling nurtured, restored and renewed. The perfect balance for mind & body!


YIN/RESTORE -  Recharge your batteries and deeply rest in postures, supported by bolsters, blankets and other props. We incorporate some gentle movement, breathing and meditation practices to assist you in letting go of physical and mental tension and rebalancing the nervous system. The perfect class to slow down, centre and find some calm.

PRENATAL -  Nurturing prenatal classes help to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and teach breathing techniques & meditations for calming the mind in preparation for childbirth. A supportive group for mums-to-be. Recommended from 12-weeks onward.


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For me,

the best type of yoga practice is one that reveals us to our self, making us conscious of our habits and patterns of clamping down or scattering our energy, and rebuilding that home back within our  self.

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